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server woes & the future

we're sorry for the blank pages and down time as of recent. apparently our host has been steadily going downhill over the past few months, making the sqeez experience that much more wonky. either way, we're investigating solutions and working with the data center to improve the situation for all. the next version of sqeez may just knock your socks off. here's a run-down of what we're thinking of doing:

an all new interface
more live, real time elements (the stream is just the start...)
points that do something
remove the fat, add the precise (kill off the worst features and refine what we do have)

if you'd like to brainstorm with us, feel free to comment below.

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i'd like to see better image archiving features - particularly multiple image uploads and galleries (i also like facebook style identification of photo subjects, because, let's face it, i'm bad with names).

i'd also like to see some consumating-style additions to the questions of the week - ability to add photo, video, text (as well as the photo of the week option or whatever it's called).

i also found myself recently thinking "i really wish i could give this post a tumbs-down" as a result of my new stumbleupon philosophy "either i liked it, hated it or just haven't stumbled onto it yet." i understand there's room for abuse with detrimental points, but you can't deny that the same isn't true for positively incremental points.

swell, 3571 days ago   

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thanks for the thoughts. our media support is sadly lacking any advanced features {though on the fly resizing is ... well, fly}.

jayOh, 3571 days ago   

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QUOTES! we need a quotes system!

swell, 3570 days ago   

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get some more of those interactive ads. i love shooting giraffes and boxing mr. bush!

jfisher, 3570 days ago   

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Filterable stream
Shorter turn around on questions, say less than 6 to 9 months
Basically look at consumating and steal everything that site does

quarantine, 3568 days ago   

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